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Online Appointment Booking

Northumberland Family Health Team and our associated medical clinics are introducing Online Appointment Booking! This has been made possible through our partnership with the Ontario Health Team of Northumberland and funding from Ontario Health.

Online appointment booking allows you to easily and conveniently book an appointment with your healthcare provider, receive optional reminders about upcoming appointments, and helps our healthcare providers and administrative staff to better serve you by reducing call volumes and by collecting helpful information prior to your visit.

Online Appointment Booking is being introduced gradually at our clinics and services with the goal of eventually being widely available for most provider and appointment types.

Currently, online appointment booking is available for:



At this time, if you want to book both a flu shot and a covid shot for yourself, they can be given at the same time, just book one appointment and you can get both shots.


NFHT is holding a Women’s Health PAP Clinic Saturday March 4th from 9 am to 2 pm at the Cobourg Medical Centre. PAP appointments are available to be booked online for patients of the Cobourg Health Centre.


We are offering a vaccination clinic on Wed. March 15 to students of the Cobourg Clinic, Cobourg Medical Center and Cobourg Health Centre that have received immunization notices from the Public Health Unit.  Appointments are available from 9:00 am to 3:40 pm. Please bring your yellow immunization card and both pages of the Immunization Notice to your appointment.

COBOURG CLINIC: Dr. A. Haukioja, Dr. P. Caldwell, Dr. M. Jones (retired), Dr. M. Bayer,  Dr. D. Wijeyesinghe replaced by Dr. F. Kasmaiefar, Dr. J. Carnevale-Lizotte, Dr. M. Hasana Lebbe

COBOURG HEALTH CENTRE: Dr. Cunningham (Dr. M. Essak), Dr. R. Daskalopoulos, Dr. K. Haunts, Dr. C. Dahle,  Dr. T. Cheung, Dr. C. Kwok, Dr. P. Stratford, Dr. T. Rys

COBOURG MEDICAL CENTER: Dr. C. Sabatini, Dr. D. Broderick, Dr. K. Barnard-Thompson, Dr. E. Smith,  Dr. W. Xi (Dr. Bhattacharjee) , Dr. E. Pepper




You must be a patient of the Cobourg Health Center to book. To see if your doctor is at CHC and for more information about the CHC After Hours Clinic, please click here. For examples of urgent appointments click here. To book an appointment, click the button for the link to the appointment type you need.

Same Day After Hours Appointments

The Cobourg Health Center After Hours Clinic is for urgent same day appointments only.

Appointments with Doctors 

  • Dr. Kirk Haunts is accepting same day urgent appointments and appointments for physicals which can be booked once every three years.

Registered Nurse Appointments

Registered nurse appointments can be booked for patients of the Cobourg Health Centre. Appointments are available for Blood Pressure Checks and Ear Flushes. If you would like to book an appointment for an ear flush please review this document, did you know ears prior to booking. Please insert room temperature mineral oil or olive oil 3 to 5 times twice daily leading up to your appointment with the nurse.


Help us improve online booking! Take Our Survey

After you complete your booking, please take a few minutes to click here to complete our short survey about the booking system. Your input will help us to improve and expand our online booking options.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who can book online appointments?

Online appointment booking availability is currently limited to the After Hours Clinic at Cobourg Health Centre.  If you would like to learn when online appointment booking will be available to you, please consider registering for our newsletter to receive updates! Click here.

Why should I consider booking my appointment online?

Online booking allows you to easily and conveniently book an appointment with your healthcare provider, receive optional reminders about upcoming appointments, and helps our healthcare providers and administrative staff to better serve you by reducing call volumes and by collecting helpful information prior to your visit.

Online appointment booking is a simplified and streamlined process, with no registration, login or passwords required.  Our online booking portal is mobile-friendly, and you can cancel or re-book using a simple email link.

Is online booking safe and secure?

Our online appointment booking is made possible through Ocean by CognisantMD, an online platform designed to help make healthcare better and easier for patients.  Ocean Online Booking meets the requirements of Ontario Health’s online booking standards, which ensures safe, secure digital healthcare solutions that protect patient privacy.

Do I need an email address to book an appointment online?

While you do not require an email address in order to book an appointment online, it is strongly recommended that you provide one when booking, so that you can easily cancel or reschedule your appointment, and receive reminders about your upcoming appointment.

Who can I talk to if I have additional questions about online appointment booking?

If you have any further questions about booking an appointment online, please contact our offices by phone:  289-252-2139

Offered in partnership with Ontario Health Team Northumberland using the Ocean by CognisantMD secure online booking platform.



Vaccinations, Masking

We are holding a school age vaccinations clinic on March 15, 2023. To book online click here.


Covid and flu shot appointments are available at our clinic in the lower level of the Northumberland Mall. To book online click here or you can call 289-252-2139. For more information click here for covid or here for flu.


If you have an in-person appointment with a health care provider at any of the NFHT offices, you do still need to wear a procedure mask inside of our office – we can provide one. These infection control protocols are to protect our patients and staff.

Groups & Webinars

For our easy-to-use Zoom guide for groups click here.

Stress Management & CBT Insomnia: these  programs are for rostered patients. For details please click here  or call 289-252-2139.


To view previous webinars please see our YouTube Channel .

What’s Happening in Our Community

With rising cases of respiratory illness like #RSV and #influenza in our region + the ongoing presence of #covid19, #OHT-N partners have joined forces to issue an urgent #northumberland ‘call to action’.

For details, please click here.


NFHT Career Opportunity

NFHT is seeking a Primary Care Nurse Practitioner to work within a family practice office and as part of our interprofessional program team. Please see our careers page for more information new postings.

Are You Ready to Quit Smoking?

If you would like information about our smoking cessation program through STOP that offers free NRT, please call 289-252-2139 or email



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