Workshops and Events

Join us the first Friday every month to explore local trails and chat with healthcare providers on the NFHT team. Rainy days we will meet in the lower level of the Northumberland Mall and walk indoors. Everyone is welcome to join us.

DATE & TIME: JUNE 2 AT 1PM — no longer than one hour


(locations will rotate each month)

Washrooms and parking available on site.

WHAT TO BRING: Water bottle and appropriate attire

WHAT NOT TO BRING: Please leave your pets at home

REGISTRATION: FREE! To save time when you arrive, please complete the waiver form below ahead of the day.

Good things happen when you move!

NFHT Walks

NFHT Walks Participant Waiver

About the NFHT Walks Program: NFHT Walks is a non-competitive program designed to provide general health information and self-paced physical exercise in a supportive group environment.

Waiver and Release: The term “Northumberland Family Health Team” or “NFHT” refers to the Northumberland Family Health Team organization, its associated Medical Clinics and their physicians/staff, members, directors, employees, agents, volunteers, and any persons or entities whose property may be used as part of the NFHT Walks program.

Please read each of the following statements carefully, and complete the information that follows.

  1. I realize that there are potential risks associated with my participation in the NFHT Walks program including but not limited to, slips and falls, an increased load on the heart, bone and muscular skeletal injuries such as cramps and nausea. The risk of sustaining these types of injuries may result from the nature of the activity. I am accepting the risk that I may be injured and I freely and voluntarily accept and assume all responsibility for any injuries that may occur. I acknowledge that I am physically fit to participate in the NFHT Walks
  2. I accept my responsibility to carefully follow instructions at all times while participating in the NFHT Walks
  3. General medical and health information is given from time to time during the NFHT Walks program. I understand that this information is being given in a public place for general knowledge and is not intended to replace a personal consultation with my doctor or health care provider. I will consult my doctor or health care provider as to any personal health concerns I may have.
  4. I understand that it is my responsibility to protect my property while attending the NFHT Walks program and that NFHT cannot be responsible for any damage to or loss of such property.
  5. I grant permission to NFHT to use any photographs, motion pictures or recordings. I release any rights of privacy and/or compensation that I may have in connection with such use.
  6. I grant permission to NFHT to send me information about their programs and to confirm class dates and times by phone and/or email.
  7. In consideration for my taking part in NFHT Walks, to the fullest extent permitted by law, I, for myself, my heirs, executors, administrators, successors, and assigns (collectively, “I”), release, waive, and hold harmless NFHT from any and all liability, claims, demands, damages, costs, actions and causes of action with respect to death, injury, illness, loss of work, or property damage, however caused, arising out of or attributable to my participation in the NFHT Walks program, including claims of negligence. I covenant not to make or bring any such claim against NFHT Walks and forever release and discharge NFHT from liability under such claims. If I violate this covenant, I shall pay all costs and fees, including attorney’s fees, that NFHT incurs arising out of my violation of this covenant.

This free series of talks is open to the public. Please register by calling 289-252-2139 or email.

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