Smoking Cessation

Counselling and nicotine replacement therapy for those motivated to quit smoking. For more information about the program, please call 289-252-2139.

Any NFHT patients looking to stop smoking.

• Individual counselling sessions
• Nicotine replacement therapy
• Coordination with available community resources

To stop or reduce your smoking.

Michelle Verbeem RN

Angel Targon RN

Karen Peters Pharmacist

Self-referral by phoning 289-252-2139 or by emailing

Also Physician, Nurse Practitioner, or NFHT Clinician referral.

MC – NRT STUDY: The purpose of this study is to see if usual treatment for smoking, such as nicotine replacement therapy and behavioural support, can be improved​ by timing your quit date to a specific phase of your menstrual cycle.

To Join the study go to Have more questions or need help? E-mail at Images and text courtesy of Nicotine Independence Clinic.