Frequently Asked Questions

Most of NFHT’s programs are only available to patients who are enrolled with our doctors, with the exception of some group programs and most educational workshops. We will note on any program or service when they are open to the community or if you need a physician referral.

For a list of participating family doctors, please click here.

For a list of our healthcare professionals, please click here.

NFHT also offers a series of workshops on a quarterly basis.

For programs and services click here.

For workshops and events click here.

There is no cost to you for any of the services. All the programs and services offered by the NFHT are funded by the Ontario Ministry of Health.

We do not keep a waiting list for people looking for a family doctor.

Health Care Connect: register with the Health Care Connect program and a nurse will search for a doctor or nurse practitioner, who is accepting new patients in your community.

You can reach Health Care Connect at 1-800-445-1822 or visit their website.

Our family doctors will notify Health Care Connect directly when they are rostering new patients.

Please bring your health card to every appointment.