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Fall Prevention & Exercise @ CCN

About the Exercise Class: This exercise class for seniors is a generalized class that includes a warmup, cardio, strengthening, stretching and cool down. The class includes both chair exercises and standing exercises. The specific exercises and the pace of the class is tailored to the abilities and safety of the group. This is a free ongoing program for seniors that runs on a drop-in basis, meaning once you are registered, you can attend anytime. Classes are 45 minutes in length. To register for this class, clients can show up to any of the scheduled classes 15 minutes early, once the registration package has been filled out in full, you can begin the class that very day. In some cases, answers on the health questionnaire may elicit a recommendation to speak with a physician before starting the classes. For questions about registration, please call 1-866-514-5774. For  more information and to see the schedule click here.

Update on Covid 19 & Fall Respiratory illnesses 2023 and immunizations

Influenza, RSV and Covid -19 will all be circulating in our community this fall. Immunization is one way to protect yourself.

NFHT will be running two vaccination clinics a week, (based on vaccine supply and demand) starting October 12, in the lower level of the Northumberland Mall. For more information on how to book online click here.

Resources for Patients:

Time to Fight Lyme!

Tick season has started, click here for a Tick Talk on how ticks spread Lyme disease, signs of bites, symptoms of Lyme and how it is treated, and how to avoid bites. For more information about ticks please see the HKPRs updated local information click here.