Pharmacy & Medication Review

Medication-related information, health teaching, management, de-prescribing, and optimization for patients and providers. The NFHT will work with patients in collaboration with their physician or NP to determine the best medication plan for them, optimize dosing, ensure patients/caregivers are educated about how to take medications and manage side effects, and will ensure an accurate and up-to-date medical list is in the patient’s medical record.

Any NFHT patient

• Medication review, reconciliation, teaching, and support for patients, including those recently discharged from the hospital
• Individual counseling on medication optimization and use
• Consultation with physicians, nurse practitioners, and other health care providers regarding prescriptions and medication reviews

Safe and effective drug therapy

Karen Peters Pharmacist

You can self-refer to this program by calling 289-252-2139 or emailing info@nfht.

Physician, Nurse Practitioner, or NFHT Clinician referral.