The Northumberland Family Health Team offers a variety of programs and services to help you achieve your best possible wellness and quality of life. The programs and services are provided by regulated health care professionals who work together and in partnership with the NFHT family physicians. The programs and services target a variety of health concerns and offer assessment, treatment, prevention, education and support.

There is no cost to you for any of the services. All the programs and services offered by the NFHT are funded by the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care.


We offer many educational workshops that are open to the public. Click here to see the current schedule.

To participate in our other programs and services, you must have a NFHT family physician. Click here to see the list of NFHT family physicians.

Some programs and services have specific eligibility requirements – click on the program or service below for more information.

Some programs are now being offered virtually using Zoom, please see below for details on how to use Zoom.

Click on a program name below to read more information!

Acute and Episodic Care

Nurse Practitioner and Nurse visits to address health concerns and provide care

Mental Health Program

Social Workers and Psychotherapist provide individual counselling and group programs for people requiring support for mental health concerns such as anxiety, depression, insomnia, stress, grief/loss, coping or care-giving

Foot Care Program 

Chiropodist and Foot Care Nurse provide assessment and treatment of foot conditions such as ingrown toenails, warts, foot ulcers and infections in addition to preventative foot care for those at high risk for foot disease and/or not able to safely provide own foot care.

Physiotherapy Program

Physiotherapist provides assessment, education and treatment of acute or chronic conditions to patients who are otherwise unable to access physiotherapy through OHIP, benefit or private pay community based services.

Vascular Health

Physiotherapy, Clinical Nutrition (Dietitian) and Nursing services for people with (or at risk for) heart disease, stroke, diabetes, kidney or circulatory disease.

Healthy Living

Physiotherapy, Nursing and Registered Dietitian services for people who are looking for an approach to wellness that promotes good nutrition and physical activity habits for the sake of health and well-being.

Healthy Lung

Our Certified Respiratory Educator and Registered Nurse provide assessment, treatment, monitoring and education for those living with respiratory impairment, including asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and restrictive lung disease.

Seniors Wellness

Occupational Therapist, Pharmacist, Dietitian, Physiotherapist, Physician, Geriatrician, Mental Health Clinician work together to assess and support seniors and care partners to live safely, confidently and fully as possible. Primary Care Memory Clinic is available for those with cognitive impairment or dementia.

Smoking Cessation

Nurses, Respiratory Therapist and Pharmacist provide counselling and nicotine replacement therapy for patients who are motivated to quit smoking.

Pharmacist Consult/Medication Support

Pharmacist provides medication related information, health teaching, medication management, deprescribing and optimization services for patients and prescribers. Includes appointments for medication review and teaching for patients recently discharged from hospital and assessment/monitoring of patients on new or high risk medications.

Clinical Nutrition

Dietitians provide nutrition assessment, medical nutrition therapy, management and counseling for people with nutrition concerns, including people with concerns related to pregnancy, infant/childhood nutrition, gastrointestinal disease and malnutrition.

Home Based Transition Care Team

A Nurse Practitioner and Registered Nurse work with patients who have been hospitalized with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) or Heart Failure (HF) to provide hospital to home support, ensuring stabilization of symptoms, adjusting medications, monitoring and teaching. Service starts before going home from hospital and continues for up to 4 weeks until the patient is stable.


Some workshops are being offered through Zoom, a free online meeting software. You can attend the workshops by computer or by phone. Click here to download Zoom to your computer now, or you also have the option to run Zoom through your Internet browser just prior to the start of the workshop. If you would prefer to run the meeting through your browser, simply click on the link of the webinar you want to attend below, a few minutes before the meeting starts.

If you have never used Zoom before, we recommend that you log on 10-15 minutes ahead of the session you want to attend to give yourself time to work through any technical issues. The Zoom website has lots of resources available to help you get started or troubleshoot common problems.

You can also check out our easy-to-use Zoom guide for groups for some instructions!


COVID 19 Updates

To register for our Covid Vaccination Clinic, fill out the form on this link and we will contact you. Your call-back may come up as an unlisted number because our staff works virtually. If you already filled out a form in the past, give us a call, we still have your information.

Please do not call, unless you are returning our call, so we can keep our phone lines free for virtual care.


For all other groups, or to go to a mass vaccination clinic like the Cobourg Community Centre, please use the Provincial booking system for Covid-19 Vaccinations. Go to Or you can call 1-888-999-6488.


The CCC, or any mass clinic, will drop off the provincial list if they no longer have available appointments for current vaccine supply. As vaccine supply comes in, more appointments are loaded into the systems. Do check back. For information on all eligible groups and local pharmacies also booking Covid vaccinations please go the HKPRDHU site click here. 


Read an interview about these new vaccines with our Dr. Smith, the COVID-19 Vaccine Physician Lead for NFHT.

To Volunteer at the CCC clinic please go to

Local COVID-19 Testing Centres Go To Appointment Only

For information about how to get a test, or see a primary care provider about symptoms at the NHH COVID-19 Assessment Centre or at the Trent Hills COVID-19 Testing Centre, and to find about more about local testing coordination efforts,  please click here to read the latest news release from the Ontario Health Team of Northumberland.


How to reach a Doctor

For those with or without a family doctor, individuals in Northumberland can use the new website to find the best way to reach a family doctor or nurse practitioner during the COVID-19 outbreak. Click here for the press release.Northumberland Care Press Release 2020-03-22

Groups & Webinars

For our easy-to-use Zoom guide for groups click here.


Parenting Tips for 12 years and under – new Lunch and Learn free Zoom webinar on Aug 9 at 12pm. To register click here.


CBT Isomnia: New sessions Wednesdays: June 30, July 14, 21 and 28th 1:30 to 3:00pm in this free zoom program. For more information and to register email or call 289-252-2139.


Making Virtual Connections Support Group: Connect with others weekly and enjoy thoughtful conversation and support while relaxing, sharing and learning. Ongoing, always weclomes new members – To join group click here.

Coping with Tough Emotions: free zoom webinar on July 5 at 12pm. Click here to register. 

To view previous webinars please see our YouTube Channel .


UNMASKING THE TRUTH: how to properly reuse, store and wash your cloth mask
NFHT’s Brooke Mitchell, D.Ch and Tanis Twiddy, NP created this webinar. For a copy of the presentation including video links, please click here. Click here for a highlight poster of Fast facts for masks.

What’s Happening in Our Community

The Colborne outreach clinic will open April 6. Learn more, including the services planned for this location by clicking here.  


Assess the risk of visiting others during the pandemic – use this online tool developed by experts to determine the risk level of a visit, particularly to seniors or those with chronic illness.


Grocery shopping for seniors only and delivery service is available in Northumberland’s stores. Click here for a detailed list of hours. 


To learn more about personal preventative measures against Covid 19, including where it is mandatory to wear a mask, please see the Ontario Health Team Northumberland’s press release here. 


If you have an in-person appointment with a health care provider at any of the NFHT offices, please wear your own mask (homemade or otherwise). Please ensure the mask covers both your nose and mouth. These infection control protocols are to protect our patients and staff during the COVID-19 pandemic.


The OHTN is collecting donated cloth masks. For more information about the program and information on how to make a mask please click here.  New drop off locations:
BRIGHTON –Community Care Northumberland –46 Prince Edward Street (arrange drop-off –613-475-4190,
CAMPBELLFORD –Community Living Campbellford–65 Bridge Street East (call in advance -705.653.1821, ext 203)
COBOURG -Northumberland Hills Hospital’s main entrance, 1000 DePalma Drive–between 8 AM and 8 PM daily
Are You Ready to Quit Smoking?

If you would like information about our smoking cessation program through STOP that offers free NRT, please call 289-252-2139 or email

NFHT Career Opportunity

Temporary Parental Leave Contract

Starting May 2021
Please click here for full details on our careers page.



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