Adult Mental Health Program

The Adult Mental Health Program (AMHP) is a short-term service consisting of 4-8sessions. The goal of the AMHP is to help the NFHT patients gain a balanced perspective on life’s challenges. NFHT patients will achieve this by developing insight and employing practical skills using a client centered approach and cognitive behavioral techniques.

When the patient is referred to the AMHP they will meet with the Mental Health Clinician or Social Worker who will perform an Initial Assessment, including filling out a preliminary measure of anxiety and depression levels. The patient will receive one on one counseling and education about their symptoms and will learn: how to manage their symptoms and identify negative thought patterns, avoid triggers that cause their symptoms, tools for monitoring their thoughts and symptoms.

If the patients need additional assistance, they will receive referrals to other programs or services offered by the NFHT  or appropriate services in the community.

Topics commonly addressed include: Stress, Mild to Moderate Depression, Mild to Moderate Anxiety (generalized, social), Anger management, Relaxation skills, Adjustment to life stressors (Grief/Loss/Illness), Marital Stress, Body Image, Caregiver burnout.

Group Classes: NFHT patients also have the option of attending one of our many workshops that address issues such as: Sleep, Stress and Relaxation, Emotional Eating, Managing Emotions and others.

Patient Resources

Center for Addiction and Mental Health

Canadian Mental Health Association

Northumberland Community Counselling Centre

Port Hope Community Health Centre


Four Counties Addiction Services Team (Fourcast)

Four Counties Crisis Team

Kinark Child and Family Services

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